Fast Facts on San Marcos

  • Founded in 1992.
  • 400 families in 17 communities
  • Located in the southwestern highlands of San Marcos, Guatemala
  • On the slopes of the volcano Tajumulco (the highest volcano in Central America)
  • Coffee: Arabica.

APECAFORM (Asociación de Pequeños Caficultores Orgánicos Maya-Mames) is comprised of 350 members living in 17 communities. The General Assembly is the highest decision-making authority and is responsible of electing the Boards of Directors. The central one guides and executes the main activities of Apecaform and coordinates tasks with  five Local Boards of Directors, based in community centers. In addition, 21 local promoters coordinate and conduct technical trainings to improve organic agricultural practices, and to facilitate commercialization and a variety of social projects.

The coordinating community center was established in Pueblo Nuevo, because of its central location; it is only a two-hour drive to the city of San Marcos and on average a two and a half-hour walk from the remaining 17 APECAFORM communities!

APECAFORM is in its fifth harvest of organic certified production.  Now, between 80% and 85% of their production is organic and the rest is in transition. There are now 266 members under certification and 80 percent of their total production goes to the cooperative for sale to the Fair Trade market. Exporting through Manos Campesinas to Fair Trade markets has meant the difference between selling coffee at Q.250.00 (US$32.50) per QQ parchment to coyotes and Q.714.05 (US$92.75) per QQ now as APECAFORM members.  Cooperative Coffees has purchased coffee from Apecaform through its umbrella marketing organization, Manos Campesinas since our first year of operations. Through a strategic credit partnership between EcoLogic - Apecaform – Cooperative Coffees, producers have been able to increase direct Fair Trade sales by 50% annually for the last 3 years. Their actual average yield of organic coffee is 22 quintal an hectare.

Flavour profile

San Marcos
Sweet, well rounded with a hint of cocoa and a smooth full body. Dark chocolate overtones with vanilla and berry highlights

Please follow the link to purchase San marcos coffee:

Guatemalan - San Marcos

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Coffee of the Month

Bean North's newest coffee! The coffee of the month April comes from the FAPECAFES in Ecuador. This delicious coffee from South America is grown in the province of Zamora-Chinchipe, Loja, in southern Ecuador. FAPECAFES is committed to growing high-quality coffee, while applying environmentally and socially responsible processes, with the goal to improve the quality of life of its members. A delicious sweet coffee with a mild acidity, a smooth body and flavours of sugar beet and spice. Perfect for any time of day!

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Monika Firl, Cooperative Coffees’ Producer Relations Manager, wrote an important and interesting article about her recent experiences in Honduras. The most recent annual Roaster-Producer assembly at the Café Organico Marcala headquarters, was intended to demonstrate that organic solutions, true to the economic and cultural realities of small-scale farmers, are the most viable, long-term path for their sustainable livelihood.


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