Dominican Republic

Fast Facts on Fedecares

  • Founded in 1985
  • 7600 members in 13 provinces
  • Mission is to bring economic and social stability to its member families in order to improve their quality of life
  • Arabica coffee produced is the Barahona, cultivated in altitudes 800 to 1200 meters.

FEDECARES was born out of the necessity to rebuild the coffee regions after the devastating Cyclone David hit the Dominican Republic in 1979. The producers understood that by joining forces, they would become stronger. They began by creating an individual community association and in 1983, 60 different  community associations came together to form the regional structure known as “Federation de Caficultores de la Region Sur” (FEDECARES).  This non-for profit organization was legally recognized in August 1991 and has grown to include 157 associations in 13 different provinces. Their main office is located in the city of San Cristóbal.

The main purpose of FEDECARES is to contribute to a better quality of life for its members and their families through different strategies such as: investing in needed infrastructure, promoting ecological practices for the protection of the environment, and increasing cooperation between the different producing regions of the country. FEDECARES provides assistance to its members during the harvest season, as well as supporting them in other areas such as marketing, training and technical support.  The federation's other services include: technological improvements, diversification of the coffee production, increased managing capacity, networking, fair trade and institutional development.  On average, their organic production yield is of 13.5 quintal per hectare.

FEDECARES has been exporting coffee since 1982 and has established long term relationships between its members and coffee importers in Europe, Canada, the United States (both in conventional and fair trade markets). In 1989 FEDECARES joined fair trade as one of the first suppliers to the Max Havelaar Foundation (FLO's original precursor). FEDECARES is also member of local and international organizations and networks, such as “Consejo Dominicano del Café” and the “Coordinadora Latinoamérica y del Caribe de Pequeños Productores de Comercio Justo”.

Flavour profiles

Clean and sweet with a light body and well balanced flavour

Please follow the link to purchase Dominican coffee:

Dominican - Barahona

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