Producing Partners and Locations

Everything starts with our coffee producers, the farmers who cultivate the finest certified organic ad fair trade coffee we roast for you. Bean North Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd. is member of Cooperative Coffees, a green coffee importing cooperative and together we purchase coffee directly from coffee farmers. We visit these communities, meet the producers and their families and have long term relationships with them.

We currently purchase certified organic fair trade coffee from the following fair trade coffee cooperatives:

  • Bolivia - FECAFEB - Federation of Exporting Coffee Producers
  • Colombia - Fondo Paez – Café Naftewesh || Asociacion de pequeños caficultores de Ocamonte (APCO) 
  • DR Congo - Sopacdi || Furaha || Muungano
  • Ecuador - FAPECAFES
  • Ethiopia - Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU) || Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU)
  • Guatemala - APECAFORM - Asociación de Pequeños Caficultores Orgánicos Maya-Mames || Rio Azul || Asociación Chajulense Va’l Vaq Qujol (Chajul) || Comité Campesino del Altiplano (CCDA)
  • Honduras - COMSA - Café Orgánico Marcala || COMISUYL
  • Laos - Plateau Bolaven Coffee Producers Groups Association
  • Mexico - Maya Vinic - Cooperative Producers’ Union Maya Vinic || Yachil - Yachil Xojobal Chu’lchan || Yeni Navan, MICHIZA || ICEAAC
  • Nicaragua - CECOCAFEN - Coffee Cooperatives Central in the Northern Region || Las Diosas - La FEM
  • Peru - CAC Pangoa || CENFROCAFE - Central Fronteriza del Norte de Cafetaleros || CEPICAFE || Sol y Cafe
  • Sumatra - Gayo Organic Coffee Farmer’s Association - PPKGO
  • Uganda - Gumutindo Co-operative


Featured Products

Bean North celebrates spring! Enjoy a cup of Spring Ahead to start the season's sunny, longer days. A blend of organic Fair Trade coffees from Uganda, Peru, Ethiopia and Honduras, this rich and full coffee has hints of spice, nuts and cocoa. It'll put a smile on your face!

What's Happening

Whitehorse World Fair Trade Challenge! »

Visit our cafe on Friday May 13, Saturday May 14 or Sunday May 15 to take part in the Whitehorse World Fair Trade Challenge! How? It's very simple: all you need to do is enjoy a great cup of organic fair trade Bean North coffee. We tally all the fair trade drinks we sell during the weekend, and together we support the farmers in their fight against climate change! 

This challenge is one way to raise awareness that climate change is already affecting the earth we all share - particularly the farmers behind the beans we love

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We know you love our coffee, and we decided that we want to make it easier for you to always have delicious fair trade coffee in your home. You can now sign up for a coffee subscription - sign up once, and receive four bags of fresh roasted beans each month!


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